Why Your Book Launch Doesn’t Matter


Think of it like this if you compared your book launch to a wedding you could arguably say that the wedding day isn’t the most important day in a marriage. It is a BIG day it is the day you become husband and wife, or wife and wife, or husband and husband. Your launch day, well the first time you launch, is the day you become a published author.

The wedding is just a big production or small that leaves no lasting impact on the marriage. (Well unless one of you cheats at the reception.) The launch is the exact same. Not everyone has 1000s of contacts on their opt-in list. I would actually argue to say out of the 15,000 books published a day on Amazon only 1% has that many contacts. This would be like saying just because you didn’t have over 250 people at your wedding your marriage is going to fail.

When I started working with authors, I was asked about helping them prepare for their launch. Out of all the authors, I have worked with only one has ever had a plan for the day after the launch. This is seriously like getting married and having no idea what to do after the honeymoon.

Now, this is going to sound absolutely insane, but I planned for my book to fail to launch.  I was busy at the time, and I knew that it wasn’t that big of a deal. You could equate my launch to my courthouse wedding.

I did it. I got married and went right back to work. No, seriously I did. I knew that I had the rest of my life to spend with my husband and that he would still be my husband the next day. After eight years of marriage, I would safely say that me going back to work that night had no lasting bearing on our marriage.

Just like the failure to focus on the launch of my book has not affected its success. In fact I have sold more book since I launched my book than on the day it released. My sells have increase since I started working on a case study.

Could I have achieved more reviews and sells early on?

Absolutely, but I wouldn’t have been able to work on putting Be a Better U together and a case study I am working on now that is called “60 Days to Being a Best Seller What to do After You Launch.”

So if you are like literally tens of thousands of authors who have bought into the BULLSHIT, the rhetoric of what someone who is a bestseller but has 1000s of contacts has told you that you need to do to successfully launch a book to be a bestseller.

Price it at 99 cents, email your list, beg friends and family to buy it and leave reviews. This plan is not a one-size-fits-all plan for success.

The success or failure of your book isn’t riding on one day. Just like the success of your marriage isn’t banking on your wedding day. If you don’t plan for the day after you have failed before you started.

Publishing a book is just like with marriage it is a long term commitment.

Ashli AvalonAshli Avalon is the author of “A Blonde’s Guide to Be A Better Marketer: For Authors Only.”  and the owner of Den Enda Consulting. If you want to join the conversation follow her on Twitter at @ashliavalon use #coffewithashli for questions. They are answered live Twitter on Thursdays at 10am EST.


74 Blog Post Ideas for Authors

74 Blog Post Ideas for Authors

Are you stuck and don’t know what to write about? Here are 74 suggestions to help you get your creative juices flowing.

  1. 10 things you don’t know about me.
  2. Share your top 10 favorite books.
  3. Review others books.
  4. Share a few embarrassing stories with your readers.
  5. Share excerpts or Chapters from your book.
  6. What I wish I knew about editing.
  7. A background story on your characters.
  8. Where I Write- List your top 5 favorite places to write.
  9. All Writers should read.
  10. What Inspires me.
  11. Top 10 Songs that get me motivated.
  12. List of your favorite authors.
  13. How to come up with new story ideas.
  14. What I have learned from people watching.
  15. Do you catch yourself eavesdropping for dialogue?
  16. 5 must read bedtime stories.
  17. Books you need to read before you start to write.
  18. 50 Writers to follow on Twitter.
  19. 15 Blogs I love.
  20. 13 Authors who motivate me.
  21. 17 reasons to write even when you are blocked.
  22. List of the best resources for authors.
  23. List of blog topics for authors (The irony isn’t lost on me).
  24. The best writers groups in your area.
  25. The best music to write to.
  26. Social Media Tips for Writers.
  27. The Best Literary Agents to Follow on Twitter.
  28. 10 Ways I come up with new story ideas.
  29. What I do when I get writer’s block.
  30. How to do a Podcast Tour.
  31. How to do a Blog Tour.
  32. Podcast Tour vs. Blog Tour.
  33. How to grow your email list.
  34. What to email your followers.
  35. 20 Things I wish I would have known before I published my first book.
  36. 30 Perks of being an Indie Author.
  37. 6 Tips to use when interviewing an editor.
  38. How to pick a book cover.
  39. My favorite Podcasts.
  40. Movies that inspire me.
  41. My top 5 Guilty Pleasures.
  42. What to expect at your first writers conference.
  43. Top Writers conferences to attend.
  44. What you need on your book table.
  45. Should you hire someone to work your book table.
  46. The best place to get your book printed.
  47. How to Survive NaNoWriMo.
  48. Why you shouldn’t participate in NaNoWriMo.
  49. Top 10 Facebook Groups for Authors.
  50. Scams that target Authors.
  51. How to use Pinterest as an Author.
  52. Why you need to be on Instagram.
  53. 15 Ways to get the most out of Twitter.
  54. 6 Twitter lists to subscribe to.
  55. 14 Books I can’t live without
  56. How to run a contest on Facebook.
  57. How to create a book launch Facebook Group.
  58. How to get guest bloggers.
  59. How to submit your book to publishers.
  60. How to find an agent.
  61. Top interview questions when hiring an agent.
  62. How to research keywords for effective blog post SEO.
  63. How to cope when you kill a character.
  64. How to kill a (fictional) character.
  65. Your reading bucket list.
  66. 10 Authors you would love to meet dead or alive.
  67. Interview someone.
  68. Critique a book vs. movie (in theaters.)
  69. 5 Books you wish were movies.
  70. Host a giveaway.
  71. Share a conspiracy story.
  72. Share a ghost story or urban legend.
  73. Run a poll with suggestions on your next book.
  74. Write a mini-series ( That could be turned into a novella or lead magnet to help sell your book.)


Ashli AvalonAshli Avalon is the author of “A Blonde’s Guide to Be A Better Marketer: For Authors Only.”  and the owner of Den Enda Consulting. If you want to join the conversation follow her on Twitter at @ashliavalon use #coffewithashli for questions. They are answered live Twitter on Thursdays at 10am EST.

Who would I recommend for your SEO?

SEO is what allows your website to be found on search engines. In my book A Blonde’s Guide to Be A Better Marketer: For Authors Only  I discuss the steps to improve your SEO in Chapter 4. In that chapter, I break down the steps to helping you find keywords to use and where to place them within your website.

While SEO is essential to getting “traffic” to your site. It isn’t the only way. Many authors have found ways to boost their traffic with Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter just to name a few. But, if doing these things haven’t helped you improve your ranking it might be time to hire a professional. I have 2 amazing SEO guys on my team, but as I have said before my business isn’t always the best fit for everyone.

This is the short list of SEO businesses I recommend outside of my own. I have found there are GREAT SEO companies and there are some not so great companies. The ones I am suggesting are ones I would personally use. I trust these companies to deliver the best results for you.

  1. Tim Priebe

Tim Priebe T&S Online Marketing

Tim is a public speaker, author, columnist, and the owner of T&S Online Marketing. He’s been working on websites since 1997, and has experience in various areas of digital marketing, including search engine optimization, blogging, email newsletter marketing, social media, and online video, among others. He regularly assists clients with their presence on social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube.

Work with T&S: http://tandsgo.com/services/search-engine-optimization/

2. Brent Broadnax

Brent Broadnax NerdBox

Brent is Managing Partner at NerdBox, a marketing agency focusing on search engine optimization, social media management, and digital advertising focused on helping companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Brent worked as an Information Technology Analyst for both the State of New Jersey and Verizon Communications. He graduated with from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a master’s degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Information Systems and Marketing.

Work with Brent: https://www.facebook.com/nerdboxmktg



Ashli AvalonAshli Avalon is the author of “A Blonde’s Guide to Be A Better Marketer: For Authors Only.”  and the owner of Den Enda Consulting. If you want to join the conversation follow her on Twitter at @ashliavalon use #coffewithashli for questions. They are answered live Twitter on Thursdays at 10am EST.

12 Social Media Managers to work with in 2017

While I love, love, love, my social media clients sometimes I am not the best fit for every business.

Here are 12 Social Media Managers I recommend if you want to work with someone other than me.

1. Marley Baird


Marley spends her days creatively rockin’ the social media world. She is the person her friends and coworkers come to when they have questions about pop culture, celebrity news, social media, and tech support. She considers this notoriety a great achievement. If she isn’t immersed in her laptop, Facebook, or Instagram, she can probably be found in a quiet corner laughing to herself while video editing, or spending all her free time with her family. Marley’s goal is to make all of her clients feel like a celebrity in their industry with the help of her creative work.

Check out her website: www.marleybairdmedia.com

2. Chris Young

Chris Young

Over the years Chris has built and managed multiple successful businesses. His love for connecting and communicating led him to begin a social media management company in order to help other clients achieve success as well. Chris also specializes in web design and SEO strategy.

Chris’s utmost joy in life is being the father of a handful of incredible sons.

Find Chris at: www.planningsocialmedia.com

3. Krista McEwan

Kirsta McEwan

Hey, Krista here. I am just a regular gal who left her corporate career to build my own brand using nothing but social media. My husband can’t believe that a year and a half into my business my phone has been my primary connection to building the online community that I have full of wonderful ladies who not only love our clothes but love what we stand for. Do not underestimate the power of social media!!!

Krista can be found at: http://www.dearskarlettboutique.com/en/

4. Liann Alfaro

Liann Alfaro

Liann is the Queen Bee at Shine Bright Social. Liann has helped brands grow their communities and awareness. She is a mom of three, married for the last 24 years, yup she knows what being busy and committed is all about. Liann is always learning about what is new on social media platforms and has been able to put it into action. She has built brand awareness ad campaigns with great results for her clients. Liann is ready to work with you on helping your brand shine.

Check out Liann’s website: www.shinebrightsocial.com

5. Carlos Gonzalez

Carlozs Gongalez


Carlos has been working with the Small Business for over 13 years. His love of helping other businesses grow through Digital Marketing, including Social Media, has formed into Wild West Business Solutions. Combining traditionally different services into one combined Solution, Carlos, and his staff will work alongside you to grow your business to new heights!

Carlos can be found: https://www.wildwestbusiness.com/

6. LeAnne Domenden

LeAnne Domenden

Leanne, your friendly and tech-savvy Digital Wonder Woman. As the blog’s name implies my career and essentially her life- is heavily anchored on the world wide web. Virtual assistant from the Philippines turned into social media manager. She is now helping brands and businesses leverage social media channels.

Check her out here: http://digitalwonderwoman.net/

7. Emily Edson

Emily Edson

Emily owns Emily Edson Design, a small design, and marketing studio in Omaha, NE. She loves to create and execute cohesive branding strategies that get clients noticed. The goal is to develop long standing relationships with her clients. She is also working on launching a separate brand (Martin and Rose) that will focus on just wedding and event stationery.

Emily is a married, mom of two. She loves to travel and is always learning.

Check out her website: Emilyedsondesign.com

8. Bernadett Dobos


Bernadett is an award-winning marketer, social media strategist. As a traditional and digital marketing specialist, she helps small and medium sized business owners, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, entrepreneurs to grow their businesses online and get leads that convert by leveraging social media. Watch her look at your business structure, pinpoint areas of weaknesses and turn your business around to make more profit for you.

Contact: www.thecuriousstrategist.com

9. Grace Mercer

Grace Mercer

Grace is a Digital Media Consultant and Strategist. She’s worn many hats and has years of experience in digital content despite her young age. Grace has a Bachelors degree in Broadcast Communications from Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Tx. With experience in PR, Radio, and Television, she uses this knowledge to apply a unique approach to creating and managing digital content. Having worked for major names like Cumulus Media, ESPN, and NBC she has experience far beyond her years.

Grace’s faith is a huge part of who she is and how she conducts herself on a professional and personal level. She also believes in working hard so that she can play hard. So when she is not working you’ll more than likely find her at the gym lifting heavy or spending time with family and friends. Grace also has plans to travel the world as she suffers from a terminal case of wanderlust.

Grace can be found at: www.thegracemercer.com

9. Raisa Sendrovich

Raisa Sendrovich

Raisa is a social media maven to the stars and the founder of Candidly Social. Friends and family always come to her for the latest fashion, beauty, entertainment news, and events. She works with Grammy Award-winning musicians, up and coming artists as well as fashion, beauty, and lifestyle companies where she helps them rock their social media.

Check out here site: www.candidlysocial.com

10. Christa Nichols

Christa Nichols

Christa is a graphic and web designer from Iowa with over 16 years experience in the industry. She and her husband own and operate their own Full-service business promotions company, Practical Promotions, which features not only design services, but business consulting, social media management and more!

Christa’s passion is helping business owners promote themselves through the use of carefully crafted promotional materials and services.

Learn more about working with Christa at: www.practicalpromos.net

11. Dee Trethewey

Dee Trethewey

Hi, I’m Dee. I’m a VA and Social Media Manager with my focus being Pinterest Management. (I am so totally obsessed with Pinterest, OMG). My goal is to take the pressure off small biz owners and newbie entrepreneurs by becoming their go-to for the things you don’t know, don’t understand, don’t like or don’t have time for. https://deedeecreative.com/

12. Geraldine Leroye

Geraldine Leroye
I am Social Media Strategist and I help established businesses and individuals create, integrate or strengthen their social media in their marketing strategy.

Facebook is my weapon of choice – everyone is on Facebook, and your customers are too, whether you are an online business, a classic brick-and-mortar company or a B2B business (yes, B2B businesses MUST be on Facebook too. Your job is also to help your clients to sell to their own clients)

I can help you develop a targeted online community to generate more profits, promote engagement and improve your brand awareness. With my experience in highly targeted Facebook ads and promotions, I make sure that you are not wasting your advertising dollars by reaching out to the wrong audience.

Social media management is not an overnight miracle, it takes efforts, grit, and investment – but much less than you could think. Even a couple of dollars targeted to the right audience can bring excellent results, but you need to know what you are doing, and this is why I am here to help you.

Let’s talk about your current marketing strategy, even if it is barely existing. Let’s get in touch!


At the end of the day, it is about finding someone who you work well with and who does great work.

Ashli Avalon

Ashli Avalon is the author of “A Blonde’s Guide to Be A Better Marketer: For Authors Only.”  and the owner of Den Enda Consulting. If you want to join the conversation follow her on Twitter at @ashliavalon use #coffewithashli for questions. They are answered live Twitter on Thursdays at 10am EST.

Published Bliss and Learning the Ropes

Finally, August 2016 I published my book “W” on Draft2Digital.com.W I sat down, pregnant and all, every work day and made sure to get all the love, hormones, tears, and sexual impulses down on each page of the short story. As I finished the manuscript, I felt immediately accomplished. I was elated to have finally finished my first work in which I’d publish. I’d written plenty of full-length novels but never published them out of fear. Twenty-six just felt right, and I wanted to complete a goal in order to explain to my daughter that following your dreams is possible.

I researched and researched to find the perfect platform. I didn’t have much money, I had to budget what I could, but that didn’t stop me. I found the site that was right for me! It offered a free ISBN number, didn’t take too much money from my royalties, and had by far the easiest instructions. I hired an English teacher to edit my book (HIRE AN EDITOR), and got my cover designed. I was on my way, or so I thought.

Everything had been planned, and yet as a published author I still feel I must learn something new every day in order to make daily book orders. One thing I found out for sure is publishing a book is an Every day hustle. I figured out that my book was my brand, it was my baby, BUT I needed to LEARN more.

Here are a few things that I learned:

  1. Be creative with advertisement- Be sure to always try new things, try new applications to create images, use quotes, do virtual book reads, videos, and guest blog. It’s a MUST.
  2. Allow other people to help you because you do not know everything.
  3. Monitor all social media and make sure everything remains positive.
  4. Read positive books and set goals for each month.
  5. Network, network, and join like-minded network teams and groups.

I figure, what’s the worst that can happen by reaching out to other writers, reading more informational and motivational books, and attacking your goals with a plan! Those tactics actually work; I learned to depend on networks to guide me and to ASK. People don’t like to inquire, but you must. I love being an author, and I am still learning how to successfully market myself and my book. It’s a learning process that is frustrating, but ultimately enjoyable.

My name is Jasmine Jackson, and I am a published author who is still learning, working, and building a literary legacy. I assure you if I can do it, so can you! Next time, I’ll have a better network, more information, and a bomb editor.

Get your copy here: http://pardonmyaudacity.com/home/purchase-book-today/

Branding 101

Branding… What is it? Why does it matter?

Branding is the image you create for your business. This includes logos, colors, font, and more. It is important because it helps you stand out from your competition and if done right makes you recognizable.

Think about when they brand horses. Why do they do it? Simple, so they can tell whose horse is whose. So that their horse is easily recognizable as their property.

Even as an author you need to be recognizable. This will carry over into your style of writing, but it is so much more than that.

As mentioned in my book, your brand is a reflection of you.

When I set out to brand my book, I did a few things.

  1. I made sure the colors I used on my cover were carried over to my website. I did the same with the font.
  2. I make sure my hair is blonde. It is my signature look. It has made it necessary that my hair always looks the same thus making me recognizable. Think about President Trump we all might hate his hair, but it is his signature look. If it suddenly changed, he wouldn’t be as recognizable. You literally know him for his bad hair.
  3. When I make graphics, I make sure they are simple and consistent with my brand. I use the same colors and font.
  4. I keep my blogs short and simple. I ensure the style of writing on them is what is found in my book.

Now, as you set out to brand yourself and your book it is important to be consistent.

5 reasons to STOP selling on Social Media

Do you every login to your social media accounts to be solicited by unwanted direct or private messages from people trying to get you to buy their products or services. It is typically informal and annoying.

social mdia selling Before you think I have lost my every loving mind, please know what I am saying does work. I am a successful social media manager, and I own my own digital marketing company. This blog only applies to private or direct messages, constant sales posts and does not refer to ads on social media. (I know those can be effective I make some pretty stellar ones for clients.) Okay, let us get back on track.

Reason 1

You cost yourself a sale.

No, really. Your aggressive approach turned me off of ever wanting to do business with you. You don’t even know me, or you haven’t spoken to me in years, and now suddenly you want to sell me make-up, insurance, a home, social media services (clearly you don’t know me), etc.

Reason 2

You may end up blocked.

Worse than just losing the sale. You may be costing yourself the potential of ever regaining my trust. Now, I have blocked you from my platform. (Bye, Felicia.)

Reason 3

You are missing out on starting a conversation.

One of the best things you can do on social media is starting a conversation. It is called social media for a reason get social. Set up coffee dates, catch up with people, get personal.  This helps people to get to like, know and trust you.

Reason 4

You are failing to start a relationship.

I have been taking a nonagressive approach to social media. I lead with value, I demonstrate why I am an expert, but more than that I stop, and I listen. I respond and engage with my following. I respond to all my DMs even the annoying automated and spammy ones. I want to build a relationship. I want people to get to know me. I want them to like, know and trust me.

Reason 5

When your potential buyers or clients are ready for your product or service they won’t choose you.

Just this week I have signed 4 new clients off my Twitter account. This for one is insane, because it is my author account. But, I built a realtionship with people. I never “sold” them anything. When they were ready for my services and ready to buy they apporached me. Why? Because, I wasn’t aggresive. I took the time to get to know them established a relationship and gained their trust.

So turn off your automated DMs, open up your account and start trying to connect with your following. If your goal is to sell, sell, sell you are just going to fail, fail, fail. Don’t have a hidden agenda genuinely interact with people and I promise the sales will come.


Growth Hacking 1000 followers in 6 days

Last week, I decided I really needed to step up my Twitter game. I spend most of my time helping my clients and rarely take the time to do my own social media. So, I started Monday morning trying desperately to increase my following and begin to establish myself as an expert in the social media and marketing world. So I  set out to try things the average Twitter follower would try to grow their following.

For example, I followed people, my competitors followed. After 3 days I unfollowed people who didn’t follow me back using the Crowdfire App.  Since I needed to unfollow nearly a 1000 people all I managed to do was to get my Crowdfire app disconnected from my Twitter. (I suggest going slow at this.)

I tried one of those #followtrains and retweeted it. I only did this twice, because I ended up with a lot of spam and porn I ended up having to remove.

The main thing I did was engage. I replied to people, I liked posts, I retweeted a ton of people’s content I found valuable. This got me a lot of followers.

I carried the engagement out over DMs, too. You know all those stupid automated DMs you get on Twitter. I replied to each of those. I offered advice, I acknowledged their offers, I followed people on LinkedIn and Facebook when they asked, I signed up for their webinars, ebooks, classes, and more. But, most importantly I was myself so some of the responses were a little “smartassish” at times.  The people I responded to typically followed me back.

I  also offered advice to people when I saw them making mistakes on Twitter. I love Crowdfire, but no one needs to know I use it. My followers appreciate the fact that I don’t post my report. They don’t care about that and guess what your followers don’t either.

The last thing I did was follow trending hashtags. This allowed me to get retweets, likes, follows, and even end up on some Guy’s Youtube video.

At the end of the day I went from -18 new followers in November to 1,145 new followers in 6 days. I may not have all the answers, but I hope this helps you grow your following organically.

179 Hashtags writer needs to know

Every writer needs to be on social media, but most don’t know which hashtags to use. I have compiled a list of 179 hashtags to help you grow your audience and increase your reach.

Hashtag rule of thumb on social media:
Facebook: Most people don’t use them or search for them.
Twitter: 2-3 per post
Instagram: 11-30 in the first comment
Pinterest: 2-3 per post

#1K1H (write one thousand words in one hour)
#99c (to offer or pick up an eBook bargain)
#FWRT (Freelance Writer Retweet)
#IAN1 (Independent Author Network)
#IARTG (Indie Author Retweet Group)
#KPD (Kindle Publishing Direct)
#MGLit (middle grades literature)
#MGLit (middle grades literature)
#MyWANA (writer’s community created by Kirsten Lamb)
#MyWANA (writer’s community created by Kirsten Lamb)
#NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month is held every November)
#Novelines (to quote your own work)
#PoetryMonth (Each April in the USA)
#readersofinstagram(for instagram)
#wordpress (for WordPress users)

What to do when your eBook has errors

I woke up this morning at 12:37 to a text from my publisher that the format for my new book was not correct. She informed me that they had to make adjustments. Instead, of panicking I rolled over and went back to sleep. I knew she would fix it. I also knew it wasn’t the end of the world. I had only sold a handful of copies because I hadn’t marketed it the way I should have.

But, what on earth do you do if your book has been HIGHLY publicized and thousands of people downloaded it?

  1. Don’t PANIC. Just breathe the perks of releasing an eBook is that it can be updated.
  2. Make a list of all the issues you see.
  3. Put out a note across social media letting your fans know you are aware of the problem. Ask for their patience during this time, and let them know that you will inform them when it has been corrected.
  4. Do not pull down your book.
  5. Fix the errors you find. Here is a great blog by Aaron Shepard on how to proof your book.
  6. Reupload your book.
  7. Update your version on Kindle.
  8. See if there are any new errors.
  9. If there are repeat steps 2, 5-8.
  10. Once your book is error free put out a quick note letting your fans know it is ready. Be sure to thank them again.

Crisis control is necessary and will help you not get bad reviews on Amazon during this time.