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be_a_better_marketer2There are thousands of books out there telling authors what to do. How to market their book. What they should be doing to successfully land on a best-sellers list. They all over promise and under deliver. A Blonde’s Guide  Be a Better Marketer: For Authors Only is a no fluff book that takes a look at all of the options available for authors and breaks them down in, as I like to call them, “blonde terms.” This book in no way guarantees every author will be on a best-sellers list or that they will all make a fortune. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. What this book does guarantee is showing authors the importance of why actively doing something is better than passively doing nothing. This knowledge helps authors increase their targeted marketing and additionally increase book sales. Get Your FREE Copy Now!

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Which social media platform should business owners focus on for their business?

“Authors need to be on Pinterest. It is a great place to share their blog posts with sponsored ads – they can easily increase books sales and bring awareness to their brand.” – Ashli Avalon

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The 4 Principles of Success podcast hopes to inspire your life, business, and relationships through conversations with today’s successful people and entrepreneurs in the areas of knowledge, health, wealth, and spirituality. Together, let’s learn about their challenges and learn about their successes. Prepare for success!



Gunner Media David Cote

Gunner Media David Cote

As social media strategists, we spend a ton of time networking with other people in our field. Over time I have gotten to know some extraordinarily talented people. Actually, the list below includes people I collaborate with on a daily basis. I reached out to them and asked if they would send me some information about themselves. The 21 experts listed below, is a result of that request. Please enjoy getting to know my friends. Hopefully, if you are looking for their services, you won’t hesitate to reach out.

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Chad H.

Ashli did a great job with a recent market check-up for my business. Her knowledge of social media application for target markets is at the top of the game. Check out Den Enda Consulting for social media marketing needs.

Felix L.

Ashli is a creative, intelligent, and gifted individual. She has strong analytical skills and uses them to give context to her work. She is a proficient cross-platform marketer who truly understands how to deliver messages to multiple audiences. She has strong skills in communications and collaboration. More importantly, she always looks at the big picture and finds creative ways to accomplish her work with strategic objectives in mind.

Angeles J

Ashli is amazing at what she does! She has a passion for helping others, a passion for helping businesses and a passion for social media! She knows what it takes as a business to thrive online. She knows the importance of having an online presence in today’s business world. She takes her knowledge and comes up with the most amazing strategies to get a company at the forefront of their target audience in their industry! She is hard working, dedicated and always learning and growing to keep up with the latest trends! I highly recommend Ashli for anyone wanting or needing to take their online presence to the next level!

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