Ashli is my given name. I used to joke, as a child, that my mother named me that so I could be famous someday. Avalon however is not my given or married last name. It is the street, I grew up on for over 12 years.


It is where I learned to read, ride a bike, and I made friends that have lasted a lifetime. I was taught about respect, the importance of neighbors and community. Growing up on Avalon taught me so much and instilled so many things in me that have made me the woman I am today.

I have so many wonderful stories, and memories from this one place. That I felt it was only right to use it  when choosing a name to write under. I wanted to go with the name that provoked meaning for me. Choosing what name you want to write under is a BIG part of branding you, as an author.

Ashli Avalon is simple, it flows, it is easy to remember and most importantly it is unique. So unlike my given and married last name there aren’t several people out there with my name. This uniqueness will also help me with SEO down the line, as this site ages. So choosing a pen to write under was about so much more than hiding my identity for me. I don’t care if you know my real identity for me it was about finding a name to represent my brand that I could be proud of.