When I wrote A Blonde’s Guide to Be a Better Marketer for Authors Only my biggest concern was it not sounding like me and second was copying someone else’s ideologies. So, I refused to read anything on the subject. I also failed to secure an adequate number of preorders to land on a number one bestseller list. I had time working against me from the veryA Blonde's Guide to Be a Better Marketer For Authors Only Ashli Avalon beginning.

I was asked to write this book on September 15th, 2016 and the launch date was set for December 27, 2016. I dealt with so many things during this time. One being my business, I run a successful digital marketing company and was fully booked with clients. I always put my clients first so my book came second. I am also a busy mother of three small children. This meant I had to pull my book together at the end and left myself no time to promote it. I always said this book would have a companion blog of my journey to success. If I become successful, I wanted my steps to be reproducible.

Now, all those books and blogs I refused to read while writing my book I am opening up and putting them into action in a blog series called My Road to Success. Starting January 1st, 2017 I will begin blogging every day about what I tried the previous day. I will update the blogs as results come in this way you can see what worked, what didn’t and what all I tried.

My goal is for you to be successful. I always tell my clients “I am only successful if you are” and I truly believe that.