I woke up this morning at 12:37 to a text from my publisher that the format for my new book was not correct. She informed me that they had to make adjustments. Instead, of panicking I rolled over and went back to sleep. I knew she would fix it. I also knew it wasn’t the end of the world. I had only sold a handful of copies because I hadn’t marketed it the way I should have.

But, what on earth do you do if your book has been HIGHLY publicized and thousands of people downloaded it?

  1. Don’t PANIC. Just breathe the perks of releasing an eBook is that it can be updated.
  2. Make a list of all the issues you see.
  3. Put out a note across social media letting your fans know you are aware of the problem. Ask for their patience during this time, and let them know that you will inform them when it has been corrected.
  4. Do not pull down your book.
  5. Fix the errors you find. Here is a great blog by Aaron Shepard on how to proof your book.
  6. Reupload your book.
  7. Update your version on Kindle.
  8. See if there are any new errors.
  9. If there are repeat steps 2, 5-8.
  10. Once your book is error free put out a quick note letting your fans know it is ready. Be sure to thank them again.

Crisis control is necessary and will help you not get bad reviews on Amazon during this time.