Last week, I decided I really needed to step up my Twitter game. I spend most of my time helping my clients and rarely take the time to do my own social media. So, I started Monday morning trying desperately to increase my following and begin to establish myself as an expert in the social media and marketing world. So I  set out to try things the average Twitter follower would try to grow their following.

For example, I followed people, my competitors followed. After 3 days I unfollowed people who didn’t follow me back using the Crowdfire App.  Since I needed to unfollow nearly a 1000 people all I managed to do was to get my Crowdfire app disconnected from my Twitter. (I suggest going slow at this.)

I tried one of those #followtrains and retweeted it. I only did this twice, because I ended up with a lot of spam and porn I ended up having to remove.

The main thing I did was engage. I replied to people, I liked posts, I retweeted a ton of people’s content I found valuable. This got me a lot of followers.

I carried the engagement out over DMs, too. You know all those stupid automated DMs you get on Twitter. I replied to each of those. I offered advice, I acknowledged their offers, I followed people on LinkedIn and Facebook when they asked, I signed up for their webinars, ebooks, classes, and more. But, most importantly I was myself so some of the responses were a little “smartassish” at times.  The people I responded to typically followed me back.

I  also offered advice to people when I saw them making mistakes on Twitter. I love Crowdfire, but no one needs to know I use it. My followers appreciate the fact that I don’t post my report. They don’t care about that and guess what your followers don’t either.

The last thing I did was follow trending hashtags. This allowed me to get retweets, likes, follows, and even end up on some Guy’s Youtube video.

At the end of the day I went from -18 new followers in November to 1,145 new followers in 6 days. I may not have all the answers, but I hope this helps you grow your following organically.