Do you every login to your social media accounts to be solicited by unwanted direct or private messages from people trying to get you to buy their products or services. It is typically informal and annoying.

social mdia selling Before you think I have lost my every loving mind, please know what I am saying does work. I am a successful social media manager, and I own my own digital marketing company. This blog only applies to private or direct messages, constant sales posts and does not refer to ads on social media. (I know those can be effective I make some pretty stellar ones for clients.) Okay, let us get back on track.

Reason 1

You cost yourself a sale.

No, really. Your aggressive approach turned me off of ever wanting to do business with you. You don’t even know me, or you haven’t spoken to me in years, and now suddenly you want to sell me make-up, insurance, a home, social media services (clearly you don’t know me), etc.

Reason 2

You may end up blocked.

Worse than just losing the sale. You may be costing yourself the potential of ever regaining my trust. Now, I have blocked you from my platform. (Bye, Felicia.)

Reason 3

You are missing out on starting a conversation.

One of the best things you can do on social media is starting a conversation. It is called social media for a reason get social. Set up coffee dates, catch up with people, get personal.  This helps people to get to like, know and trust you.

Reason 4

You are failing to start a relationship.

I have been taking a nonagressive approach to social media. I lead with value, I demonstrate why I am an expert, but more than that I stop, and I listen. I respond and engage with my following. I respond to all my DMs even the annoying automated and spammy ones. I want to build a relationship. I want people to get to know me. I want them to like, know and trust me.

Reason 5

When your potential buyers or clients are ready for your product or service they won’t choose you.

Just this week I have signed 4 new clients off my Twitter account. This for one is insane, because it is my author account. But, I built a realtionship with people. I never “sold” them anything. When they were ready for my services and ready to buy they apporached me. Why? Because, I wasn’t aggresive. I took the time to get to know them established a relationship and gained their trust.

So turn off your automated DMs, open up your account and start trying to connect with your following. If your goal is to sell, sell, sell you are just going to fail, fail, fail. Don’t have a hidden agenda genuinely interact with people and I promise the sales will come.