Branding… What is it? Why does it matter?

Branding is the image you create for your business. This includes logos, colors, font, and more. It is important because it helps you stand out from your competition and if done right makes you recognizable.

Think about when they brand horses. Why do they do it? Simple, so they can tell whose horse is whose. So that their horse is easily recognizable as their property.

Even as an author you need to be recognizable. This will carry over into your style of writing, but it is so much more than that.

As mentioned in my book, your brand is a reflection of you.

When I set out to brand my book, I did a few things.

  1. I made sure the colors I used on my cover were carried over to my website. I did the same with the font.
  2. I make sure my hair is blonde. It is my signature look. It has made it necessary that my hair always looks the same thus making me recognizable. Think about President Trump we all might hate his hair, but it is his signature look. If it suddenly changed, he wouldn’t be as recognizable. You literally know him for his bad hair.
  3. When I make graphics, I make sure they are simple and consistent with my brand. I use the same colors and font.
  4. I keep my blogs short and simple. I ensure the style of writing on them is what is found in my book.

Now, as you set out to brand yourself and your book it is important to be consistent.