Finally, August 2016 I published my book “W” on I sat down, pregnant and all, every work day and made sure to get all the love, hormones, tears, and sexual impulses down on each page of the short story. As I finished the manuscript, I felt immediately accomplished. I was elated to have finally finished my first work in which I’d publish. I’d written plenty of full-length novels but never published them out of fear. Twenty-six just felt right, and I wanted to complete a goal in order to explain to my daughter that following your dreams is possible.

I researched and researched to find the perfect platform. I didn’t have much money, I had to budget what I could, but that didn’t stop me. I found the site that was right for me! It offered a free ISBN number, didn’t take too much money from my royalties, and had by far the easiest instructions. I hired an English teacher to edit my book (HIRE AN EDITOR), and got my cover designed. I was on my way, or so I thought.

Everything had been planned, and yet as a published author I still feel I must learn something new every day in order to make daily book orders. One thing I found out for sure is publishing a book is an Every day hustle. I figured out that my book was my brand, it was my baby, BUT I needed to LEARN more.

Here are a few things that I learned:

  1. Be creative with advertisement- Be sure to always try new things, try new applications to create images, use quotes, do virtual book reads, videos, and guest blog. It’s a MUST.
  2. Allow other people to help you because you do not know everything.
  3. Monitor all social media and make sure everything remains positive.
  4. Read positive books and set goals for each month.
  5. Network, network, and join like-minded network teams and groups.

I figure, what’s the worst that can happen by reaching out to other writers, reading more informational and motivational books, and attacking your goals with a plan! Those tactics actually work; I learned to depend on networks to guide me and to ASK. People don’t like to inquire, but you must. I love being an author, and I am still learning how to successfully market myself and my book. It’s a learning process that is frustrating, but ultimately enjoyable.

My name is Jasmine Jackson, and I am a published author who is still learning, working, and building a literary legacy. I assure you if I can do it, so can you! Next time, I’ll have a better network, more information, and a bomb editor.

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