5 Things You Can Do Today To Market Your Book

How many webinars have you signed up for? Books have you bought? Online universities have you enrolled in? To help you market your book? That number is probably a little scary. You know you need to do it. You know your book needs a website, SEO,  social media, and a marketing plan, but when it [...]

Search Engine Optimaization

Who would I recommend for your SEO?

SEO is what allows your website to be found on search engines. In my book A Blonde's Guide to Be A Better Marketer: For Authors Only I discuss the steps to improve your SEO in Chapter 4. In that chapter, I break down the steps to helping you find keywords to use and where to place them within your website.

12 Social Media Managers to work with in 2017

12 Social Media Managers to work with in 2017

While I love, love, love, my social media clients sometimes I am not the best fit for every business. Here are 12 Social Media Managers I recommend if you want to work with someone other than me. 1. Marley Baird Marley spends her days creatively rockin’ the social media world. She is the person her [...]

Published Bliss & Learning the Ropes

Published Bliss and Learning the Ropes

Finally, August 2016 I published my book “W” on I sat down, pregnant and all, every work day and made sure to get all the love, hormones, tears, and sexual impulses down on each page of the short story. As I finished the manuscript, I felt immediately accomplished. I was elated to have finally [...]